The designer…

As a child, she pedaled her mother’s “Singer” sewing machine.

Like many teenagers the world over, elegance being the defining point for young lasses, she delved in her own personal wear.

Today, Eva Rogo-Levenez is returning to her Grandfather’s passion, with an additional modern touch.

For Eva, she passionately and jealously guards the «Antique Scissors". This is an old centenary pair of scissors inherited from her grandfather by her mother and decades later, from mother to daughter. It is a valuable object she preserves today, far from her native land.

Eva inherited the perfectionism from her maternal grandfather.

She has naturally acquired from her mother the secrets for well-trimmed cuts and natural flowing designs without ostentation.  

Eva uses local fabrics like the kikoy, the khanga or Maasai shuka, Tie & Dye and other materials manufactured in Kenya and around East Africa.

True to the family tradition, Eva has a keen sense for measurements.  She designs with passion to transform the body of any woman into value using pure, simple lines. The cut is adjusted to extend and refine the bodyline.

Eva Rogo-Levenez loves to touch, feel and mix these traditional cotton fabrics, often handcrafted.